Built to last in the most challenging of environments, to stand the test of time, this range of kitchens provides a compact style of kitchen, suitable for smaller spaces and high transit areas without compromising the need for functionality required for modern living.

Above all else, Cube provides safety with the use of fire resistant materials which is incorporated in all of our ranges. Rugged and robust yet aesthetically pleasing


Sleek and modern with a range of fully integrated appliances. This range of kitchens incorporates concealed handles into the design allowing effortless operation of the kitchen. Providing a minimalist look of sleek and elegant proportions, with a range of glass splashbacks illuminated and non-illuminated to suit customers requirements.


The essence of our range stripped back with a bright stainless steel finish. This kitchen can be used in a multitude of environments, from domestic to professionnal, yet still garantee to stand up the rigors of daily use.


A matrix of materials combining glass, metal and stone providing the customer the opportunity to choose a colour selection to contrast of complement with style and design for their environment. Code incorporates sturdy powder coated metal cabinets with a glass finish colour coded as required. This provides a sleek and hygenic look being both practical and aesthetically pleasing.


The pantheum of high quality stone finishes is incorporated into this range of kitchens. Again built on the traditional aspect of our kitchens, solid and robust design then enhanced with the timeless qualities of stone. Available in a range of finishes and colours, this affords the customer a much wider choice when it comes to modelling their space.