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A sleek, hygienic durable range suitable for the needs in services and then under health services departments.

Aura Range:
A sleek, hygienic, durable range well suited for use in any accommodation including health service departments.
All our kitchen cabinets are manufactured from rust-resistant, treated steel and manufactured with non-toxic fire resistant foam for insulation and acoustic effect. The door fascias are also manufactured from other non-combustible materials such as glass and neoilith stone to remove any fire risks associated with cooking in the kitchen. These risks are not just restricted to naked gas flames and flammable food stuffs, there are also risks associated with electrical appliances and wiring, fitted either within or alongside the cabinets. We at Life kitchens believe the risks must be identified and managed in order to minimise the chances of a fire originating here and to quash the impact of such a fire should it occur, halting the fire's ability to continue to combust and fuel itself on highly-flammable materials such as mdf, mfc, timber and chipboard, all materials commonly found within every fitted kitchen. Here at Life kitchens, we have also identified the fire risks associated with cooking processes and the equipment associated with them. Risks that include, but are not confined to, accidental overheating of cooking fats and oils leading to ignition, the spillage of fats and oils onto hot surfaces, the lack of PAT testing in domestic kitchens, the lack of servicing and maintenance, inadequate cleaning regimes for cooking appliances and extraction equipment leading the build-up of grease and oil deposits which may be ignited, faulty electrical appliances, old or faulty wiring and spontaneous combustion of oil soaked cloths and towels.